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This page lists current events for various LRIG chapters.  Event registration and management is provided through the LRIG EventBrite.  For more details on any of our events, please click the links below.

Sept 21, 2022 – LRIG New England Scientific Meeting -DNA Encoded Libraries


The LRIG-New England is pleased to provide our first scientific Event in more than 2 years. The topic for this meeting is DNA Encoded Libraries and the event will be held at Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research in Cambridge, MA. We are very pleased to have 3 presentations on the use of DNA Encoded libraries.

Our speakers for the evenings event are:

  • Eric Sigel, Citadel Discovery, “ML-DEL: Implications of Predictive Approaches on the Drug Discovery Workflow”
  • Rachael Jetson, Valo Health, “Leveraging DEL and Automation to Support Early Drug Discovery”
  • Chris Kollmann, Relay Therapeutics

LRIG-New England Scientific Meeting -DNA Encoded Libraries

Oct 24, 2022 – LRIG New England 2022 Fall Seminars and Exhibitions


We are happy to invite you to our annual LRIG New England 2022 Fall Seminars and Exhibition which is being held at the Boston Marriott Cambridge Hotel. This is a free event to our members where you can visit our seminars and exhibition floor and talk to our participating speakers and exhibitors. There are also free workshops provided by some of exhibitors where current issues and topics are discussed. There are 70 exhibitor spots available.

LRIG New England 2021 Fall Seminars and Exhibitions