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Congratulations to the 2024 LRIG-New England Education Grant Winners


We are pleased to announce the winners of our 2024 LRIG-New England Marsha Paul Education Grants!  The grants of up to $2,500 were awarded to those STEM based educators teaching in 8th grade through high school throughout New England that proposed the best project-based activities in laboratory education settings.  We had another strong group of applicants this year from which to select and we look forward to each winner presenting their progress at an upcoming LRIG-NE meeting.   The winner of this year’s grants are:

Nipmuc Regional High School – “Building Bionic Prosthetics”

Hopkinton High School – “Advanced Research Methods – pilot course”

Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School – “Hydraulic Arm Project”

Somerset Berkley Regional High School – “NeuroMaker Robotic Hand & Brain-Controlled Interface”

Greater Lowell Technical High School – “Integrating Robotics Into the Classroom”

We would like to thank all the educators who took the time to apply for our 2024 LRIG-New England Marsha Paul Education Grant and hope all will reapply as we begin to accept new applications for 2025 Educational Grant.

2023 LRIG New England Sponsorships Winners


As part of our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) support initiative, we would like to announce the final winners of our 2023 Sponsorship Grant.  The LRIG-New England has selected the following clubs/organizations:

Needham High School Robotics Club

Franklin High School Science National Honor Society

Pentucket Regional School District First Tech Challenge Program Foundation

We are now accepting applications for our 2024 Sponsorship Grant and ask our LRIG-New England members to please feel free to share the link to our 2024 Sponsorship Form to those clubs or organizations that qualify and could be considered for sponsorship.  We thank you for helping the LRIG-New England as we strive to support these critical groups and organizations.

Now Accepting 2025 Educational Grant and 2024 Sponsorship Applications


The LRIG-New England is welcoming applicants for our 2025 Marsha Paul Educational Grant and our 2024 Sponsorship Grant.  Both of these programs are intended to support STEM and STEAM based educators and organizations in the New England area.  If you are interested, click on the links above to learn more.

Please feel free to share the links with educators or organizations that are looking for support.