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LRIG New England Sponsorships 2019


As part of our STEM support initiative, we would like to ask our LRIG-New England members to suggest STEM based clubs or organizations, located within the New England area, that would be good candidates for our organizations support.   Please use the link to our Sponsorship Form to bring specific sponsorship opportunities to the attention of our sponsorship team and thank you for helping the LRIG-New England.


Apply now for our 2020 LRIG New England Marsha Paul Education Grant


We are pleased to announce that are now being accepted for our 2020 LRIG New England Marsha Paul Education Grant

We would like to request member assistance as we do our part to support STEM education in New England.  Last year, the LRIG-New England awarded 5 Teacher Grants of up to $2,000 each.  This year we are looking forward to awarding another 5 Teacher Grants and would like to solicit the help of our LRIG members in the New England area to help us reach an even larger audience of educators.  If you are interested in helping us, we ask that you forward the link to our application, provided below, to your local 8th through 12th grade STEM educators.  We feel strongly about supporting our local educators through STEM-related projects that often fall outside of the normal curriculum but are often times essential to keeping students on a path of discovery.

Thank you for your time and efforts in support of the LRIG-New England.


Daniel P. Cinicola

Executive Chair, LRIG-New England

Link to 2020 LRIG New England Marsha Paul Education Grant Application