LRIG New England Sponsors Touch Tomorrow 2019

>://LRIG New England Sponsors Touch Tomorrow 2019

LRIG New England Sponsors Touch Tomorrow 2019



Please join us at Touch Tomorrow – June 8, 2019 from 10AM to 4PM.  The TouchTomorrow event is a fun and free event hosted by Worcester Polytechnic Institute. and is designed for families. This year BattleCry@WPI will be a feature to further inspire a love for robotics.  More than 50 high school FIRST teams will compete.  There are also many additional exhibits and actives for children of all ages.

Please see the TouchTomorrow website for additional information and to register to attend this event.

TouchTomorrow was originally launched in celebration of WPI’s designation as host of NASA’s Sample Return Robot Challenge. The Sample Return Robot Challenge was designed by WPI in 2012 and marked the very first time a college campus hosted a NASA Centennial Challenge. Like all Centennial Challenges, it promotes technological innovations that could aid in NASA’s mission and work—in this case the development of a new generation of autonomous planetary rovers to explore diverse landscapes.